Wednesday, August 30, 2006


So, I spend a lot of time thinking. I think, as a pastor, (especially as a Presbyerian one) it might actually be a requirement to spend a lot of time thinking. I've certainly had plenty of practice. As a kid they called it "daydreaming" or "spacing out," and it was not encouraged. But those thoughts were always precious to me, and still are. All they've ever needed was company. And so this page...

My aim is to let those ponderings out now and then. To give them a bit of fresh air and sunlight and, most importantly, some company to reflect with. Perhaps some of them will be a blessing to others. Perhaps some others may merely be seeds that begin conversations that bless both of us. That is the aim, anyway. And, of course, some of these posts are the working-day kind, the "reports" of where we are and what we're doing that keeps us connected when miles and schedules and time stands between us.

The title, penseès, means "thoughts." It is also the title of some collected thoughts of the French philosopher, mathemetician and scientist Blaise Pascal. I couldn't quote you Pascal's law if my life depended on it (I think it has something to do with fluid dynamics), but his thoughts about faith and reason, and how they both need to be a part of a well-balanced life, are definitely worth reading. I hope that the thoughts you find here might also be worth reading.

God's Blessings on you,

Pastor Chris

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Kylie said...

God Bless the Ward family! Our prayers are with you all on a trip that is going to change all of our lives for the better.